Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Theft of trade secrets nets prison terms

Theft of trade secrets nets prison termsBY DAVID ASHENFELTER . FREE PRESS STAFF WRITER .
February 13, 2009
A former vice president of Metaldyne Corp. and two former senior employees were sentenced in Detroit today to prison terms after pleading guilty to charges involving theft of trade secrets to sell to Chinese competitors.U.S. District Judge Denise Page Hood sentenced Anne Lockwood, 56, former vice president of Metaldyne, to 30 months. Fuping Liu, 45 of Flushing, N.Y., a former Metaldyne metallurgist, received nine months. Lockwood's husband, Michael Haehnel, 53, was sentenced to six months in prison.They were indicted in 2006 on charges of pilfering the process for manufacturing heavy auto parts from powdered metal from Plymouth-based Metaldyne and Auburn Hills-based GKN Sinter Metals, Inc. Court records said the two firms are the only companies in the world to make powdered metal successfully into heavy-duty auto parts, such as connecting rods, strong enough to place in large engines.Court records said Anne Lockwood and the others set up a company after she left Metaldyne to receive commissions based on anticipated sales to Chinese firms."The case demonstrates the importance of protecting the intellectual property of U.S. auto suppliers," said Acting U.S. Attorney Terrence Berg, who handled the case.Contact DAVID ASHENFELTER at

Friday, February 20, 2009

Slight Buzz

This is a Cleveland area bar band that rocks. The lead singer

has had ties to the Emporium area for many years, and I

consider him a friend and a real cool guy.

You can check them out at

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Would you hunt a Pennsylvania fenced in deer preserve?

Is there a type of hunting that you feel goes beyond ethical to the point of not being hunting anymore? I have asked this question before but am always reluctant when I do. Here’s what I wrote previously…
As hunters, we often are reluctant to criticize any parts of hunting in fear of lending support to those who wish to do away with all of hunting. I am very aware that even this small blog can be used as anti-hunting ammo if I say the “wrong” thing. But beyond anything, this blog is meant to take an honest look at fishing and hunting in Pennsylvania and beyond.
I saw some videos on YouTube this week that brought the issue up for me again. These videos are from Chestnut Ridge Whitetails. They have two preserves. One is in the Poconos region and the other is near Emporium, Pennsylvania. Take a look at the first hunting video and then I’ll comment

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sports Update from BLUTOPSU

Red Raiders Prevail On An Emotional Parents Night

The Cameron County Boys basketball team put the

finishing touches on a 13-1 league record with a

65-40 victory over the Smethport Hubbers tonight.

On an evening that saw all the players and especially the

Seniors recognized it was the last player that brought

the fans to their feet and it was hard to find a dry

eye in the Gymnasium.

The Cameron County Hoops club and basketball team

presented the Purcell family with the #30 jersey

encased in a wooden box with a glass front.

The jersey belonged to Chris Purcell who lost his life

last September in a tragic automobile accident.

Chris was a huge part of the basketball team and left

his mark on his teammates with his energy and enth-


There will also be an award handed out each year to the

player who best exemplifies what Chris brought to his

team. That players name will be put on a plaque that

will hang in the halls at CCHS.

A Special thanks was mentioned for Mr. and Mrs.

Jim Thompson from the Hoops Club for helping in

making this tribute all possible.

The Red Raiders carried that emotion to the floor with

them tonight. With an effert that surely had a smile from

above they picked up their 7th straight win.

The Raiders are now 18-3 and will take on a tough AAA

Opponet in the Bradford Owls Friday night here in

Emporium....JV game starts at 6 with the Varsity to follow.

If you haven't seen the boys play yet this year come on

out. I assure you, you won't be dissapointed!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What were these guys thinking?

Ohio fishermen knew about cracks in Lake Erie ice

Updated Sun. Feb. 8 2009 2:13 PM ET News Staff
Authorities say dozens of fishermen who got caught on a breakaway slab of ice on the Ohio shore of Lake Erie made poor decisions that contributed to their predicament.
On Saturday morning, a 13-kilometre-wide ice field broke free from the shore and the U.S. Coast Guard was forced to send ships and helicopters to rescue the stranded fishermen.
By the end of the afternoon, 134 people had been pulled from the drifting ice and one person died from an apparent heart attack, after falling into the water on his snowmobile.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Rendell wants to consolidate 400 PA school districts

Gov. Rendell wants to slash the number of school districts statewide, eliminating about 400 of the current 501 Pennsylvania public school systems.

"There is nothing sacrosanct about the need to maintain 500 separate school districts across the state - each with its own staggering, and growing, administrative costs," the governor said in his budget address. more

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

Are we, the people, the problem?

Are we, the people, the problem?

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The fear is palpable and real.
Once upon a time, working for the state meant you didn't have to worry about job security. The same was true of local hospitals and big department stores.
Now, it seems, no job is safe.
Last week I suggested state government examine some of the ways it spends money. Maybe, I thought, the state could cut corners, the way most of us are doing at home.
I asked if it makes sense to spend $8.5 million to improve the sidewalks and grounds around the Capitol. I wondered if it was necessary to give raises to the presidents of our state universities. I joined the chorus questioning whether the governor should have appointed former state Rep. Dan Surra as senior adviser for "Pennsylvania Wilds" at $95,000 a year.
Plenty of you had plenty to say.
read more HERE

Sunday, February 1, 2009

EUC at St. Marys

The Emporium Ultimate Cheer squad traveled to ECCHS to compete in the 2009 Cheer Frenzy. If you have never witnessed one of these events, let me tell you, its a site. Envision over 1000 cheering, screaming, young girls, full of energy and spirit. I am always amazed at the athleticism they exhibit, and some of the stunts and routines that they do are spectacular. I enjoyed the event and would recommend that everyone go to at least one.....and I got lucky, Coach Marie treated the entire team AND parents to Pizza Hut after the event. Yeah Marie! Thank you.