Friday, October 30, 2009

Governor Rendell Appoints PA Wilds Adviser to Serve as Liaison to Council on

Dan Surra to Continue Advising DCNR Secretary on PA Wilds Issues
HARRISBURG, Pa., Oct. 30 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --
Governor Edward G. Rendell announced today that he has named Dan Surra to serve as his primarysportsmen's adviser and to lead the Governor's Council on Fishing, Hunting and Conservation.
In January, Surra joined DCNR as a senior adviser on the Pennsylvania Wilds.He will continue to serve in that role, but expand his responsibilities toinclude fishing, hunting and conservation issues."The nature of Dan's current role and his love of hunting and the outdoorsmake this appointment a natural fit," said Governor Rendell. "Hunting andfishing are an important part of life for millions of Pennsylvanians and,oftentimes, are treasured pastimes and traditions shared by multiplegenerations in a family. These sportsmen are also fantastic stewards of ournatural resources because they understand how precious our environment is."The sports also represent big business for communities across the state,particularly in the northern tier and PA Wilds region. Each year, hunting andfishing activities bring in billions of dollars to rural areas--not just fromPennsylvania residents, but from sportsmen visiting from out-of-state.
"Having someone like Dan, with his qualifications and interests, serve in thisrole and maintain a positive working relationship and dialogue with thissegment of our population is good news that offers promising continuedopportunities for this important segment of our economy and will help ensureeveryone is working together to preserve our God-given natural resources."Born and raised in Pennsylvania's northern tier, Surra is a lifelongoutdoorsman and possesses an intimate knowledge of state regulations andeconomic development. His efforts during 18 years in the General Assemblyhelped shape the PA Wilds initiative starting with the early promotion of elkwatching in the region. As a senior adviser to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resourcessecretary, Surra works with hunting and fishing organizations towards thestewardship and conservation goals embodied in the PA Wilds initiative andassists DCNR in addressing the balance between growing the region as a naturetourism destination and developing Marcellus Shale natural gas resources.In his additional role as an adviser to the Governor on fishing, hunting andconservation matters, Surra will oversee matters affecting sportsmen and themanagement of Pennsylvania's natural resources by state agencies. The adviseracts as the state government's advocate for sportsmen and develops andimplements, with the Governor's approval, policies and programs to supportthis mission. As a liaison between the Sportsmen's Advisory Council and theGovernor, Surra will convey council recommendations to Governor Rendell. All agencies under the Governor's jurisdiction cooperate with the council andprovide staff assistance and information as needed to carry out itsresponsibilities effectively. The council is administered under the Departmentof Conservation of Natural Resources."It's a real honor for me to be able to serve Governor Rendell and thesportsmen and women of Pennsylvania in this role, which is certainly importantto me personally as a lifelong outdoorsman, and to the Pennsylvania Wildsregion that I currently serve," Surra said. "I think these responsibilitieswill blend nicely with my focus on growing the Pennsylvania Wilds as a naturetourism destination."Surra will take on the expanded role under his current salary. The positionwas previously held by Robert Miller Jr., who resigned on Friday, Oct. 23.For more information on the PA Wilds initiative, visit contacts: Gary Tuma, 717-783-1116SOURCE Pennsylvania Office of the GovernorGary Tuma of Pennsylvania Office of the Governor, +1-717-783-1116

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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Monday, October 26, 2009


Dale Griffith (left) retired after 30 years of employment with Motor Coils Manufacturing. IUE-CWA Local 88607 President Harry Mansfield (right) presented Dale with a watch commemorating his years of service to MCM and the union. Dale was employed as an electrician, and also served as a union officer in the past. Dale plans to relax and spend time with his grandchildren

Thursday, October 22, 2009

PA Milk Prices Going Up

The Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board is temporarily raising the minimum price of milk across the state to help struggling dairy farmers.That means that from November 1 through December 31 consumers will pay about 4 cents more a gallon for milk.Farmers get an extra 50 cents, or $2.65 per 100 pounds of milk (11.6 gallons).“Farmers have been struggling with lower than expected prices for the milk they produce. By increasing the premium, the PMMB recognized that quick action needed to be taken to account for the extended period of low milk prices,” said Pennsylvania Farm Bureau President Carl T. Shaffer.Pennsylvania Farm Bureau.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Red Raiders clinch AML North Title

The Cameron County Red Raiders won their third consecutive AML North tile today, with a 14-7 win over the Port Allegany Gators. Read the game recap at CC Sportscenter with BlutoPSU

game photos posted at

Friday, October 16, 2009

October snow!

Several inches of the wet sticky stuff fell in the Emporium area Thursday night. Fallen branches and heavy power lines left Emporium without power for several hours on Friday, prompting the closure of many businesses and factories. Forecast is for more snow into Saturday, but warming temps beginning next week.
The early snow created a very scenic view, mixed with the colorful Autumn foliage, but most of us can wait a bit longer for snow and would rather enjoy a nice Indian summer!

Monday, October 12, 2009

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“Unstoppable” scene heats up Emporium

By Amy Cherry
St. Marys Daily Press
The much talked about “Unstoppable” train action movie, currently being filmed throughout Cameron County, recently had one of its biggest production days during a scene involving a massive explosion.Crowds gathered throughout the day in anticipation of catching a glimpse of the live scene involving a train passing by two overturned rail cars, all the while two helicopters hovered above the scene.The scene was filmed off of state Route 120, next to the Rite Aid Pharmacy and Portage Street. More with photo....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

On the move

The eerie sound of a bull elk’s bugle echoes up a forested hollow in Cameron County. Another bull answers from a distance.

It’s breeding season — that time of year when bull elk gather their harems close and attempt to ward off challenging males. Bugling and posturing
resolve many of the confrontations, but others are only settled after a clashing of antlers.
The elk are putting on a show with the backdrop of autumn’s splendor. This does not go unnoticed by tourists who flock to Pennsylvania’s elk range — including all of Cameron County and surrounding portions of Elk, Clearfield, Potter, Clinton and Centre counties.
According to Pennsylvania Game Commission estimates, between 700 and 800 wild elk are currently living in northcentral Pennsylvania. It is the Read more:

Elk Foundation members to start new group

Pennsylvania's biggest fans of elk are moving on.
Many of the people who previously worked as volunteers for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and even the organization's paid front-man in the state, have left the group, angry and frustrated with the organization's decision to pull out of its commitment to the Elk Country Visitor Center.
They're now creating a new organization — expected to be named in a few weeks — to run the center for years to come.
"The important thing is we're still going to have an elk center," said Rawley Cogan, who was the Elk Foundation's land programs manager in Pennsylvania until submitting his resignation over the pullout. He's now working as the project manager overseeing completion of the center.
"It's still going to be here in Elk County. It's still going to do the things we said it was going to do in terms of educating the public about conservation. It's still going to do what we said it would do for economic development. It's just not going to be the Elk Foundation there greeting people."
..........READ MORE

Sunday, October 4, 2009

GE Transportation employees line up to take early retirement

Hundreds of layoffs at GE Transportation might be avoided as the company's older and more experienced employees line up for early retirement.

More than 500 out of about 750 eligible employees have filed paperwork to be considered for the company's special retirement program, said Shaun Francis, the company's senior executive for human resources.
This is just what the company and its main union were hoping would happen when GE Transportation announced Sept. 15 that it will lay off 1,480 employees by the end of November.
Jim Pifer, president of Local 506 of the United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers of America, said at the time he was hopeful that hundreds would elect to take early retirement, effectively sparing noneligible employees from losing their jobs. more

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sizerville AutumnFest a Success

Despite a bit of wet weather, thousands turned out for the annual AutumnFest at Sizerville Park today. There were lots of rustic crafts, pumpkin painting, lots of great food, and some great music.

Emporium Fire victim wants to counsel children hospitalized with burns

Freshman at Kutztown University wants to counsel children hospitalized with burns
Francisco Betancourt was badly burned in a fire in his family's apartment when he was 3 that also killed his younger brother.
By Greta Cuyler
Reading Eagle
Francisco Betancourt doesn't recall accidentally setting his family's apartment on fire when he was 3 years old.And he doesn't remember his 2-year-old brother Alonzo, who died of smoke inhalation less than 24 hours later.But the Kutztown University freshman can't forget the stares and comments from those who see the burns and skin grafts that run the length of his arms and upper back.Since the fire in 1994, Francisco has undergone at least 15 surgeries. His skin in discolored and uneven in places. He's self-conscious and says he rarely takes his shirt off in public.But the 18-year-old from Enola, Cumberland County, isn't shy about his future plans. He chose Kutztown University for its undergraduate clinical counseling psychology program.Francisco hopes to someday counsel children hospitalized with burns and their families. A typical hospital stay for a skin-graft surgery can last two weeks, he said."I think it's important to have people (on staff) who have suffered," Francisco said. "People who have suffered through it will be more likely to share tears with you."I want to do it, but it feels like maybe I also need to do it."Growing up, Francisco's mother emphasized the importance of a good education. And Francisco followed her advice: pick a school that feels like home. A graduate of Trinity High School in Camp Hill, Francisco already has a jump start on his career goal.He's a counselor-in-training at a camp for child burn victims, which he has attended since he was 5. He's also trained to counsel child burn victims at Shriners Hospital for Children in Cincinnati, where he received free surgery and treatment for years.Francisco believes everything happens for a reason. "Once I thought about it, I thought maybe that's why the accident happened," he said. "If I would not have been burned, I would not be as emotionally grounded as I am or as spiritually open."Francisco has heard varying accounts of what happened in his family's apartment in Emporium, Cameron County, on Jan. 18, 1994.......READ MORE

Thursday, October 1, 2009

“Unstoppable” to go out with a bang

In typical Hollywood fashion, crews of the movie “Unstoppable,” who are wrapping up filming in the local area over the next couple of weeks, plan to go out with a bang.A source who requested anonymity, but who recently met with film officials, said there will be a wreck and an explosion in Emporium sometime after 7 a.m. either Saturday or Sunday. More...
A very timely work by Mr. Nelson Haas. Click on the image to see it in full size

Road Delays for the filming of "Unstoppable".

Our safety committee developed the attached News Release --- regarding Road Delays for the filming of "Unstoppable".
Please NOTE --- there are NO long term road closures and NO re-routing of traffic --- they anticipate the longest delay to be approx 15 minutes
Thank you,Stretch
ROAD DELAYSFriday October 2nd – 7:30 am until 12:00pm Noon – Route 120 & Portage Street –Expect Minor Delays - NO Re- routing will take place but roads will be closed periodically.12:00 pm Noon until Dusk – Route 120 Cameron Area – Traffic will be slowed to one lane.
Expect minor DelaysSaturday October 3rd & Sunday October 4th – Rain Date. No road closings Scheduled.
Monday October 5th & Wednesday October 7th – 7:00 am to Dusk - Route 120 & Portage Street – Expect Minor Delays - NO Re- routing will take place but road will be closed periodically.
Expect minor delaysTuesday October 6th – Film Crews will be in the Cameron County Area Filmingno road closings are scheduled at this time.Please use caution and restraint in these areas. Also this schedule is subject to chance without notice.
Safety Committee:
Cameron County Commissioners
Emporium Borough
Emporium Volunteer Fire Department