Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Airman Steven R. Reed

Air Force Airman Steven R. Reed has graduated from basic military training at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas. During the six weeks of training, the airman studied the Air Force mission, organization, core values, and military customs and courtesies; performed drill and ceremony marches, and received physical training, rifle marksmanship, field training exercises, and special training in human relations. In addition, airmen who complete basic training earn credits toward an associate in applied science degree relating through the Community College of the Air Force. Reed earned distinction as an honor graduate. He is the son of William Reed of Route 120, Emporium, Pa., and Amy Reed of Evergreen Road, St. Marys, Pa. The airman is a 2008 graduate of Cameron County High School, Emporium.
Congratulations Steven, from all of us.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Guest Column by Darryl Lyon

Darryl W. Lyon of Bangor, Maine (formerly of Emporium) is an assistant professor of military science at the University of Maine’s ROTC program. He is a career Army officer and recently commanded B/3-172 Infantry (Mountain) during a combat tour in Iraq. Darryl recently was published in the Bangor Daily News.

The newest target of al-Qaida: our nation’s schools
Darryl W. Lyon

Since 9-11 Islamic terrorists have been debating grand strategy. Osama bin Laden theorized that the United States would crumble after a series of spectacular attacks.
In a recent book published by al-Qaida theoretician Skeik Abu-Bakar Naji, Naji advocates a new, more diabolical strategy. He suggests the jihad become a long-term, low-intensity war extended anywhere in the world, conducting “countless small operations” that render daily life unbearable — the “infidel” should leave his house every morning, unsure whether he’ll return in the evening. more

Friday, January 16, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009


As we dig ourselves out of another heaping pile of winter, I started thinking about what our road crews go through. Our local PennDot crews and Borough Street crews put in countless hours trying to keep up when the weather turns ugly. They work all day and all night, through the worst possible conditions, so that we can travel as safely as possible.

Several things that I saw today also made me think that we, as citizens, should also do our part to make THEIR jobs safer and easier.

When it is snowing very hard, the roads are slippery, and visibilty is very people really think its a good idea to be standing out on the highway with shovel/snowblower in hand? I mean, everybody wants to dig out, but I saw several people step right onto roadways without any regard for approaching vehicles. I guess it doesn't occur to them that the vehicle driver may not see them, or cannot stop in time. Stay off the dang road.

Another thing that I have noticed is the increase in ATV use to plow snow. Those things sure are handy, and they move a lot of snow in a hurry! It sure beats the old shovel and lumbar power. But, while a blind eye is turned regarding the use of ATV's, especially in the Borough, please be aware that it is illegal to operate an unlicensed motor vehicle on public streets/ highways. The only reason I mention it is because now the plow drivers have to watch out for ATV's darting out into the street.

If you are plowing snow with an ATV, in the Borough, thank you! But please be aware of cars, plow trucks, pedestrians, etc. I would hate to see an "incident" that would ruin it for everyone.

And while you are digging,plowing, sweating, and throwing all that white stuff, one can't help but wonder what the heck to DO with all of it. Well, do whatever you can, but DO NOT throw/shovel/plow it back into the roadway! Not only is it illegal, but more importantly, it creates more work for the road crews and it is a safety hazard.

If you want your favorite parking spot plowed out, then get off the sofa and move your car while the crews are out plowing. Don't wait two days and then, while the crews are resting or doing their many other duties, call and complain about being plowed in.

We are very fortunate in Cameron County. We have some of the best road crews that anyone could ask for. Lets help them help us. Be safe out there.

"There's no deer left in Cameron County!"

My son and I spent just over an hour in the woods today. The deer were on the move and feeding. We counted 18 deer in a half-mile distance. Now we just have to figure out where they were hiding during deer season!
They weren't as happy to see us as we were to see them :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mr. Nelson Haas has offered to allow us to display his unique art here at Cameron County Pa Online. Mr. Haas' work is featured in the CC Echo , and has educated, as well as humored, us for many years, and we are proud to display it here.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Holidays

The holidays can be tough. Every feeling a human can have is intensified, the pressure to be "merry" is smothering and, ironically, it can be the easiest time of year to feel dissatisfied and depressed. But buck up. Actually, cheer the heck up! We’re all alive, and we’re all loved. Hell, I love you. Do something to spread it around this year. I’m really glad that you visit CameronCountyPa Online, and that some of you have stuck with me for over 7 years now. Thank you. Happy New Year. Drink some champagne, tell someone you love them, and do something GOOD!